Saturday, July 31, 2010

Working the Night Away

I'm sitting at work right now staring at monitors and computer screens. You can only watch clips so much in the early A.M. hours before your vision starts to blur and your eyes look increasingly blood shot in the mirror. That's not to say that I'm not working hard, I just get my tasks done and then work on mindlessness (while paying attention to my patients of course).

Work brought me back into reality with no more vacation days to spare on week long stage races. It is almost a relief after the 5.5 months of racing behind me along with the night shifts training my stuporous, sleepless work binges every week. I love both work and racing thankfully and I am grateful to have a fun and challenging job.

This time of the year has turned into a transitional phase in life for many reasons. I'm moving into a house, down the road from my apartment, with two guys and a puppy. Juanita is moving to Kentucky for graduate school and I need a break to be social and hang out with friends around town. All of this has been pretty chaotic, but a welcome change (besides Juanita leaving) from the training, racing, working routine I've been perfecting since December. I feel more and more like a "normal" person every day. Though I don't know that most people feel sore after running for ten minutes. I guess that's something to work on for the next couple of months, along with my sick, shin busting mountain biking skills.


Nick said...

Don't feel bad about the shin busting. My shins look like crap and I call myself a mountain biker

Nick Boswell said...

I hear you are racing again. Care to share?